Fri, 23 May

[offer] How to do a research interview (other social sciences) << university, postgraduate

[offer] Coding in qualitative data analysis (other social sciences) << university, postgraduate

[offer] Social Research Methods and Design (other social sciences) << university, postgraduate

Wed, 23 Apr

[offer] Ben Franklin and the World of the Enlightenment – Free iTunes Audio – Bruce (history)

Sun, 20 Apr

[offer] Cultures & Contexts – Ancient Israel – Daniel Fleming NYU (history) << college, university, postgraduate

Thu, 17 Apr

[offer] Theory of City Form – Free Online Video – Julian Beinart, MIT (history)

Tue, 15 Apr

[offer] Global Geopolitics – Free iTunes Audio – Martin Lewis, Stanford University (geography)

Mon, 07 Apr

[offer] Hannibal – Patrick Hunt, Stanford (history) << k-12/schools

Thu, 03 Apr

[offer] Hannibal – Patrick Hunt, Stanford (geography) << k-12/schools

Wed, 01 Jan

[offer] Resource guides from – Civil liberties and civil rights (human rights)