Wed, 23 Apr

[offer] Guide to Mathematics and Statistics Resources – really detailed list of lin (mathematics)

Tue, 22 Apr

[offer] Game Theory – Open Yale course – iTunes (game design) << college, university, postgraduate

Mon, 21 Apr

[offer] Operating System (comp science)

Sun, 20 Apr

[offer] Inverse Laplace Transforms Example 2d (statistics)

[offer] Inverse Laplace Transforms Example 2b (statistics)

Sat, 19 Apr

[offer] One-Way ANOVA (statistics)

[offer] Java1487-Convolution and Frequency Filtering in Java (comp science)

[offer] Inverse Laplace Transforms Example 2a (mathematics)

Fri, 18 Apr

[offer] Digital Signal Processing-DSP (mathematics)

[offer] Java1491-2D Fourier Transforms using Java, Part 2 (comp science)