Mon, 21 Apr

[offer] American Literature – Colonial Literature Developer/Publisher: Georgia Virt

Fri, 18 Apr

[offer] Washington OSPI OER Review: Character Analysis & the Crucible Developer… << k-12/schools

Thu, 17 Apr

[offer] American Literature – Unit 1 America’s Religious Heritage Developer/Publish

[offer] Washington OSPI OER Review: American Literature – Unit 2 Reason and Enlight

Tue, 15 Apr

[offer] Washington OSPI OER Review: Critical Ways of Seeing The Adventures of Huck

Thu, 10 Apr

[offer] American Dream and the Great Gatsby Developer/Publisher: Utah Education Net

[offer] An Exploration of Romanticism through Art & Poetry Developer << k-12/schools

[offer] Grades 9-12, Adventures of Tom Sawyer Developer/Publisher: National Endowme

Sat, 05 Apr

[offer] Washington OSPI OER Review: 1900 America: Primary Sources and Epic Poetry D

Wed, 01 Jan

[offer] Poetry read aloud by CC Poems – with captioning