frequently asked questions

How do I post a new public listing?

1. Click “post listing” on the main menu from anywhere in the site, or if you’re already in a topic area, click one of the “post” links at top right.
2. Fill in the information requested, adding as much detail as possible. Only subject, description and email address are required (email address will be kept private, and not shared).
3. Type in the number at the bottom of the screen to verify that you are not a robot (you’re not, are you? 🙂 ).
4. Select “post listing.” Wait, you’re not done!
5. Check your email and click the link specified to activate your post. (Save this email in case you want to edit/delete the post later.)

How do I reply personally to a listing?

1.Think about it first: if it’s information that might interest others visiting the site, you might prefer to post a new public listing in response. Openness is the name of the game.
2. Otherwise, to contact someone privately – which will show them, and only them, your email address – click the “reply” button.
3. Type your message, verify that you’re human, and hit “send.”
4. That’s it! Your message has been sent. The recipient has your email address in case he/she wants to follow up.

Why isn’t my listing showing up?

Did you check your email and click the “activation” link? You won’t see your post until you take this step.

Can I edit my post?

Yes! Locate the email you received in order to activate your initial post. There is a link to “edit your post.” Follow the link.

Can I delete my post?

Yes! Locate the email you received in order to activate your initial post. There is a link to “delete your post immediately.” Follow the link.

Can I suggest a category?

Yes, please. Email us all of your suggestions.

For how long will my listing remain posted?

Listings currently do not have a duration specified; your listing will continue to be visible on OER Exchange until you remove it, or until a duration option is added.

What will you do with my email address?

Nothing much – you’ll receive a single email which allows you to activate/edit/delete your post. Should you reply to someone else’s listing, you’ll have the option of sharing your email address with them in a private message.

We will never share your contact information with anyone.

Why did you build this site?

We sensed frustration among educators who described the hours they’d spent searching for the open videos or lessons they needed – and among researchers arguing for the nth time about the precise definition of “open.” Amidst all the blogs, mailing lists, open journals and repositories, the global OER community seems to have much to say to each other, yet few public, sustainable fora in which to communicate.

The public nature of this discussion matters not only as we seek to connect to each other, but also in that it shapes what we call our “OER Footprint” – that is, the way the rest of the world perceives open educational resources.

In the spirit of the Hewlett Foundation’s and UNESCO’s sustained efforts in this area, we sought a low-bandwidth solution that would bring communication out of our inboxes and into the open. Is it perfect? No! It’s just an idea we had. Have fun with OERx, tell others about it, and send us your feedback. We hope it works for you.

I have another question!

That’s great! Send us those to: oer-exchange {at} salientresearch.net

What is “OERAwesome?”

Glad you asked. It’s something you should say out loud before smiling. We do it all the time.