Tue, 20 May

[offer] 60 Second Adventures in Religion – YouTube vids (religion/ethics)

Fri, 09 May

[offer] Professional development resources for teachers (education) << college, university, postgraduate

Wed, 23 Apr

[offer] Swapbox (literacy/writing)

Mon, 21 Apr

[offer] American Literature – Colonial Literature Developer/Publisher: Georgia Virt (literature/poetry)

Fri, 18 Apr

[offer] Washington OSPI OER Review: Character Analysis & the Crucible Developer… (literature/poetry) << k-12/schools

[offer] Humbox – Humanities Materials – Podcasts, Excercises, Etc. (literacy/writing)

Thu, 17 Apr

[offer] American Literature – Unit 1 America’s Religious Heritage Developer/Publish (literature/poetry)

[offer] Washington OSPI OER Review: American Literature – Unit 2 Reason and Enlight (literature/poetry)

Wed, 16 Apr

[offer] Introduction to Visual Thinking – Free Online Video – Free iTunes Video – J (fine/performing arts)

Tue, 15 Apr

[offer] Washington OSPI OER Review: Critical Ways of Seeing The Adventures of Huck (literature/poetry)