OER Exchange (OERx) helps educators and others share information about open educational resources: easily accessed, openly licensed, teaching and learning materials available online. OERx offers low-bandwidth “open education classifieds” for:

  • Locating, sharing and discussing open content and course development/evaluation resources
  • Publicizing open education funding opportunities, jobs, events, research reports, collaborations and more

If you’ve found your way to this site today, you probably have something to share. Post something!

  • Seeking sample resources in a certain subject, at a certain grade level? Ask colleagues worldwide to share links (or email you directly – addresses are anonymized for privacy).
  • Just getting started with online course design, and looking for open images, videos, lesson plans – or just advice? Curious about the difference between “free” and “open”? Cut your teeth here!
  • Do you have a few favorite go-to web sites of your own, or a brand new set of videos you’d like to share? Describe your materials and post a few links!
  • Looking for ideas for the classroom, events to attend, or evidence of others’ past successes? Hoping to find a few collaborators in your region? OERx is a great place to research, brainstorm and connect.
  • Do you already live and breathe openness in education? Hooray for that! We encourage you to share some of your pearls of wisdom with newcomers! Linking to previously published open materials is encouraged.

OER Exchange, provided by Salient Research, went into soft launch in November 2013 at the Open Education Conference in Park City, Utah (after alpha testing with the OER Research Hub, UK). OERx has been built with “railslist” using the Ruby on Rails programming framework. It is currently in beta testing.

If you’re looking for categories we’re missing, or have some other great ideas for the site, we’d love to hear about it! Send us your musings or tweet @salientresearch.

Questions? Check out the FAQ!